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Mario vs Luigi 4

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: Mario game for 1 or 2 players in which you have to throw objects at your opponent until you finish all your energy. We all know that there are always small fights between the brothers and thats what our next game is about. Our brother plumbers have had an argument and Mario runs angry behind Luigi. Help Mario to hunt down his brother to get revenge on him for what he has done but watch out for obstacles. Luigi does not want neither brother nor you to catch him so he will throw things that you will have to dodge. Get to finish the level without any of these objects reach you to continue advancing in the game. Complete all levels and you will find out if Mario manages to catch Luigi. Do you think he will get it? Go check it out. You have to catch Luigi in a race in which you must avoid the shells that throw you. You are playing Mario vs Luigi 4 game. Have Fun! Created-Published by
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