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Agario play with pals is possible

Agario Play with Pals is PossibleAs everyone of you know, a participant is allocated a server for playing the game of After that, the players are randomly allotted into any of the rooms in that definite server that have diverse players, leaders as well as stories. Are you keen on playing the mega-awesome game with your pals? Are wishing to contend with your true pals so bad? You can do this.

The first way of playing with pals

“Party Mode” is an option that you see when you start playing agario. You are able to read the way of selecting this alternative and playing with your pals by liking on the link that says party mode.

The second way

There is a second way of agario play with pals, which is really simple.
You require installing TamperMonkey (for google Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (for Safari or Firefox) to the web browser that you are using.
  • Proceed with the downloading of the script mechanically at AgarMods web site.
  • Press on the install button that comes up.
  • Visit
  • Copy the IP info of yours and inform your pals to get it pasted it into IP field
That is everything that you need to do. Enjoy!

A good tip is that you will have an easier time finding your buddies within the room on agreeing to meet a precise corner before.

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